Our Story

Peperino : A community based neighborhood pizzeria now open.

Every neighborhood needs a local pizzeria to call its own. Peperino, conceived, owned and operated by native New Yorkers who were born and raised and still live on the West Side aspires to be a welcoming mom and pop establishment for the community. Our concept is to create a slice joint that satisfies the consumer’s appetite for food made with fresh, good quality ingredients combined with the simplicity, familiarity and comfort of the corner pizza shop.

The inspiration for Peperino comes from the neighborhood places that we all grew up with –local places that consistently served fresh, warm pizza as well as other childhood favorites like calzones, rolls, heroes and chicken parmesan. These are places where the owners made the pizza and knew our names, where we went after school for a snack on the way home, places that catered our birthday parties, places that sponsored our youth sports teams and places that will forever be associated with our fondest childhood memories.

Our mission is to operate a lasting local small business that supports the community, respects the environment and serves consistently delicious food.

Team Peperino